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Hi Samwise (and the rest off course [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]),

I got the playlist of the Eindhoven gig. First I was standing in front of a little one, it was Mike’s. During the show everyone moved more to the right where J was standing, so I ended up at the big one (4 A4’s!). Is it so big because otherwise J can’t see it?
Before the show I saw him in the club (didn’t speak to him, because I was amazed that he was just walking there and off course I didn’t know what to say to him – sure, I knew it later, but that was too late!) and he was wearing his glasses (those were big, man). During the show he wasn’t, so or he was wearing contacts or he just couldn’t see anything.

Well anyway, about the pick: I’m not very good with thick ones, I always play with .73mm or so. J’s one (although he didn’t actually played with it) I’ll just cherish.
My brother still got the drumstick but I’m working on it to get it some day, because he isn’t really a big fan.

I also made some pictures with a very cheesy camera. No flashlight, it wasn’t allowed (and the camera didn’t have one). Hopefully some pictures turn out to be good. If I got something, I will place it somewhere at the internet.


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