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I was looking into this shelf for christmas that holds 400. pretty pathetic reasoning, huh?

Anyway I just had a change of heart and took most of those CD’s off ebay. Even watery domestic, it’s good to have just to borrow to a friend if you want to introduce them to pavement plus maybe somedays I’ll just want to listen to those 4 songs and not shuffle through all the crap on the rerelease.

I don’t know what’s going on it’s not like I’m broke or anything I was just having a bit of a personal crisis I guess.

Did you guys ever see the movie Vinyl (probably very hard to find you can rent it at Roger’s video in Canada). It’s scary how much I identified with all of the fuckups in that show.

It’s like once you have too much music you don’t appreciate it anymore it’s just an addiction. I have CDs that I’ve listened to less than once and some I haven’t listened to in years. I rarely just sit in my room and listen to music anymore I’m usually just discovering new stuff on the internet. And even if I do sit in my room and listen to music there are other things I should probably be doing instead like studying or going out and meeting people, getting a life, being realistic.

Sorry about all this, just venting, had a rough couple of days. If anyone wants to discuss this stuff taht’s be cool.