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buckingham rabbit

I hear ya, Bob. I’m approaching 500 cds and I can’t stop buying. Certainly I don’t get to listen to ones I have just bought very much before I go and buy more. Just can’t help it. I have a cd rack that holds like 475 and now it is full. I need to find something else to go along with it. But I do sometimes go and get rid of stuff I never listen to and never did listen to very much. This was especially the case when I was unemployed with little money but was constantly tempted by the best record store on earth.

It sucks because at work I can only listen to music on shitty little speakers at a low volume. Its usuallly not even worth it. At home, my good speakers/stereo system are in the living room, but my computer/internet access is in the bedroom. The stereo I have in there sucks. So do my computer’s speakers.

However, I don’t agree with the fact that if you have lots of music its just an addiction and you don’t appreciate it more. I think it’s really the opposite. The people that don’t appreciate music are the ones who own 15-20 cds and don’t give a damn when you try and play good stuff for them.