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one armed scissor (at the drive-in)
sad sauce (blackmail)
a lap dancer is so much better when the stripper is crying (bloodhound gang)
the milkman of human kindness (billy bragg)
I would hurt a fly (built to spill)
fast piss blues (come)
a bureaucratic desire for revenge pt. 1 (earth)
broken household appliance national foresty (grandaddy)
how ghosts affect relationships (his name is alive)
dicknail (hole)
bitches brew (inspiral carpets)
postwar product of a fat man’s wallet (leatherface)
downs are feminine balloons (mercury rev)
sweet odysse of a cancer cell in center of yer heart (mercury rev)
date with ikea (pavement)
waiting for the worms (pink floyd)
subterranean homesick alien (radiohead)
bullet with butterfly wings (smashing pumpkins)
last of the big time drinkers (stereophonics)
intense song for madonna to sing (mike watt)