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I think all songtitles from Stereolab are really strange. The more because for me as a non native speaker, they have no relations to the songs (i.e. lyrics) whatsoever.
Some examples
Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Nomus et Phusis
Outer Bongolia
The Brush descends the Length
Refractions in the Plastic Pulse
OLV 26

A bit pretentious really. I never know what my favourite songs from stereolab are called (apart from Ping Pong).
Man or Astroman have very strange songtitles as well, but then, they mostly do instrumentals, so there are no lyrics they can relate to.
When Wedding Present put out their first album with titles like Everyone thinks he looks daft and What did your last servant die of? they were questioned about that and argued that these are things that people say everyday, whereas no one says things like Rain on the Sea (back then an albumtiltle by the Stars of Heaven) and since their songs where about everyday life the titles were most appropiate.

more later