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I very rarely remember my dreams, but had one the other night (I’d had no booze or weed, and was "lucid") in which I was at a hospital, and one of my first ever girlfriend’s gave birth to a child, and said it was mine. I found this difficult to believe for 3 main reasons….
1/ I hadn’t had sex with her since we were 14 – 13 years ago. That’s a long pregnancy.
2/ The baby was 7 years old when it came out – it was very peculiar
3/ The baby was of ethnic origin.

I woke up afraid and alone.

Rosa – guess you just don’t have time to take em off – that’s passion for you. But "everyone"??? How many people are there usually in your fully clothed orgy dreams?

bob -I think you can say dry humping. I just said it to my secretary and she laughed. Admittedly, there was no context. Plus, you didn’t say it – you wrote it, there ain’t a jury in the land that would convict you. You’re a free man