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Garden City Blues by Silkworm

"This is the place I miss the most
but this town is full of ghosts
and I always feel like I am inside
the throat of a devil here
and I can`t
I can`t hide
but it`s the press of unseen stress
and days that drift and days that stretch
and for some reason I can catch
I`m in danger honey now

invisible it`s all around me
time is winding down so loudly
give yourself a kiss
and stay with it
could you stay with it all night

You run me dry like a dragonfly
you can take me up watertower hill
yeah locked up tied on a dripping night
you were out there somewhere still
light pretends to feel my face
and time tries to fool me
well there`s trip tiles over this mountain top
that can hear me coming round

Closed stores boarded up palaces
half racked by the railroad track
and those days are over now
we could never turn back
by the time I surround this place
I`m all out of madness
I`m falling into a state of grace
and I can`t get out of alone

Huddled up against the L and N`s
I know time tried to fool you too
I`m climbing back over that picket fences
as the snow starts falling down
down I`m down

Little bells ring
machine sparks sing
I`m going nowhere in December
to see if I can fly it
all right
all night
all night long
I`m picking up
I`ll sing it loud
my one chorus song
I can fake it
as the tracks go on
and on
and on
all night
all night
into Garden City