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Obviously Midnight by Scarce

"There was no one waiting there this time
sun`s as black as midnight stuffed into a dime
I know I`m alive
I feel like I`ve died
there`s no decision but I can`t decide
there was a man you recognized dancing in the dawn
and he still wore the clothes he left you in on
if the angels come back
I think I`ll decline
did you know they clean the tracks at night
until they shine
they straighten them out too
until those trains run smooth and fine
coal fire blue and cobalt red
those trains they ride
I know I won`t fly
I think that I might glide
I know that I might fall
I think I might slide
dreams on neon wheels
they roll up,stop
they don`t stay long
moonshine wine
my dandelion sings me drunken songs
I feel like I`m right
I`m wrong everytime
got second sight
I do it all blind

Crawl back through your skylight
it`s obviously midnight

gonna take the soul fire dragster out
to frozen lake
gonna point it somewhere else
blow the doors off
if that`s what it takes
got ice on my back
I`m burning below
sometimes I crack
I crack pretty slow
so don`t you try to save an anchor from drowning
it won`t work
from the last time I tried it
my ears are still pounding
and my heart still hurts
don`t talk very much
there`s too much to say
don`t listen to anything at all
I hear it all day

Crawl back through your skylight
it`s obviously midnight"