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Well, since On The Road was the main inspiration for doing this trip, I´m kind of grateful to good old Jack and yet I found it slightly irritating how he implied that this free travelling was a male thing while his friend got women pregnant all over the country and that was supposed to be hip. On the same level, I found this laddishness in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas slightly out of order. You know, two buddies who take a lot of drugs and are oh-so-cool that they can take the piss out of everyone. Come on, been there done that, time to grow up.
If you have 38 states to see, I advise you to give Kansas a miss. There is absolutely nothing of interest there as far as I can tell. And if someone on this messageboard is from Kansas, I want your excuse for living there.
But if you ever happen to be in Seattle, go to the Sit`n`Spin. Best place in town and the beer is cheap.
Anyway, so we checked in at this campground at Lake Ontario and the girl at the reception had to type my name and adress into the computer. So I spelled my German name and explained at great length that Strasse is the German word for street to avoid confusion. City was next. I said Berlin, whereupon she asked (Cause then she had to fill in the state), would that be Berlin, New York, as apparently there is a Berlin in New York. And I replied, No it´s Berlin in Germany. And the we moved on to the little box where you had to write in the Country. And the girl asks: So, what country are you from?
OH well, some people.

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