Well, last night was great (did we expect anything else?) J sounded very fresh (his voice sounded really good) and the St. Louis crowd once again was eating it up. We had a near packed house (possibly even a sellout) and the vibe was great. The crowd was digging it so much that J tried a new song and even did two encores!! Here is the set list

Blueberry Hill, St. Louis MO

* thumb
* What Else Is New
* Blowin It (J muffed the guitar on this song and cut it way short, which was unfortunate because it was sounding so good)
* Same Day
* Keeblin’
* Ammaring
* New Song (only partially played). The chorus went something like "stuck feeling this pain…/ran away from living" (Look for this one at the next few shows)
* Little Fury Things
* Everybody Let Me Down (Very nice)
* Flyin Cloud <img>
* Get Me
* On The Run
* Waistin’
* Severed Lips (Very well done)
* Not You Again
* Throw Down
* Repulsion

* Quest
* The Wagon

2nd Encore <img>
* Every Mother’s Son

What an evening! Personally I feel very replenished. Look for the new song later in the tour. I am anxious to see how it develops and get a download here. On to Lawrence KS my friends!