Bucky Ramone

Den Buck dusts of his German, and comes up with this:

That J. Mascis is skiing and playing golf for hobby, well, we were able to believe that. Even the king of slackers, the godfather of grunge needs some kind of sport as compensation. His record company now claims that Mascis has been picking up skydiving recently, and that he has made a concept album about it. That claim is just as absurd to us as the thought that Mascis newest album is about 9/11.

Just the thought of the man flying through the air with his slack long gray-black hair – no, impossible! But some explanation had to be given, because nearly all the lyrics on the second Mascis & The Fog-Album are about »freedom«. Maybe it is a concept album indeed. But what kind of freedom is meant? Freedom from what? Freedom to do what? You feel as if you are in a Günter Gaus interview! [Famous German political talkshow host -dB]. When you listen somewhat closer to Mascis’ famous warbling vocals, it becomes clear. Of course everything has remained the same. »Help me not to be such a waste« and so on, pain, suffering, resignation, the world of Mascis. Freedom remains an abstract image, nothing to do with skydiving. So let us concentrate on the guitars at last, the all-important thing ever since the Dinosaur Jr. days. »Free So Free« sounds like a cross-section through Mascis’ repertoire, everything is there, the screaming solo, the slow ballad, the introvert, dreamy solo [don’t know if that is the right translation for "hingehuschte", but it somehow feels so to me <img> -dB], the monstrous drum sound, the high flying solo, the light pop song, and new this time, the acoustic guitar solo.

Mascis has done nearly all of these things more urgently somewhere before, but that is basically the problem of someone who has found his style so early on in his career, and has been true to that style for more than 15 years now. Good record though, recommended to all the people who don’t own any of Mascis’ albums and to those who own more than six of them. Someone who is looking for the highlights in Mascis; career, well ahum…, feel free <img> to leave this record alone….