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I just saw a Sparklehorse video!Go to Yahoo.com and scroll down to the entertainment section and click on music,scroll down to artists section and click on and then type in Sparklehorse,that will list 4 sites,click on the first;Capitol records site and when you get there click on tracks and on the left is the listings to the distorted ghost ep,there is the video for Happy Man in windows media,click that on and you have it.
Beck is someone else who Sparkhorse has been compared to,the strange lyrics and experimental production are Beck like.
There`s this band from North Dakota called June Panic,that`s kind of like Sparklehorse,go to epitonic.com and click on the indie rock section and scroll down the little box of bands till you get to June Panic,there`s some mp3`s there,check out the songs "Born on a saturday" and "gender bender".