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Hey Malcom,

Sebadoh played at those shows as well, there was also some dj or rap guy but as usual we were late so missed the opening act. Looks like your from the midwest, the Flaming Lips are playing Chicago in early September http://www.wbr.com/flaminglips/cmp/tournews.htm

They are recording a lot this year, Wayne is also working on a space/alien movie..that should be very very cool.

I don’t go for electronic music at all, Sonic Boom though was fun for thirty minutes. Didn’t inspire me to go buy anything but hey it was fun at the time. There were two shows, the "adult" gig on the Monday had a very tame crowd…ie boring. The all ages gig on the next day was packed and tons of fun, everyone really got into the shows and actually showed some emotion…go figure. Cool thing was Wayne from the Lips was standing right by us for about twenty minutes during Sonic Boom’s bit, he had a goofy grin on his face and was bopping away…too cool!!!


ps got the EC reference, love the lemonheads song think its called Allison’s starting to happen…hope that happens soon , just need more caffeine I think

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