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Sonic Boom goes under the name Spectrum,I bought a 97 Spectrum album,very electronic and boring,man it sucked!
Spacemen 3 were great though,I bought "Perfect Perscription" a few years ago, great album,great covers of 13th Floor Elevators"Rollercoaster".which is 17 min long! and Red Krayola`s"Transparent Radiation".
Spiritualized is cool too,they have a new album out soon,kinda VU meets Sun Ra thing happening.It`s Jason from Spacemen 3.Check out Bardo Pond -sound like Sabbath/Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr/Spacemen 3/Hendrix hybrid.They`re from Philadelphia and record for Matador records,wicked band,check them out.They played with Sonic Boom at a gig a few years ago.