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I personally got bored with SY sometime after the Teenage Riot era, but a lot of other people were just discovering them and getting excited by them at the same point I was nodding off. Seems like bands go through different stages and fanbases ebb and flow as the fans get older or the band gets into something else. If I had my druthers no band would stay together longer than 5 years because I find them almost universally boring past that point. But many others would disagree with me.

to me the longevity of SY isn’t so much about their great musical talent – sure they have some but so do a lot of other people – as it is about their ability to survive as an entity, game the system, exploit their contacts, market themselves and still somehow be regarded as "alternative" even though to me they’ve been commercial since about the time of "The Year PUnk Broke". They’re getting to be like some punk version of Jefferson Airplane/Starship for my money. yawn