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yeah it´s a big shame bout´ these cds.
you should try to get all records on vinyl the sound is far much warmer and better and last for ever if you keep em´ as your babies.
+ don´t forget to have angry johnnys and neil blender cool covers on vinyl…

i´ve got some cool vinyl´s with J…

get me.
start choppin (limited no.88 picture lp with beautiful forget it)
dinosaur (unopened and a beauty)
green mind.
you´re livin all over me (wonderful cover)
hand it over ( a most on vinyl can´t stand the cd sound on this if you compare it)
out there ( limited with j´s dad on a wonderful cover)
some more sinles i can´t remember now.


thank you jeremiah… before ï saw the videos on your page i hadn´t seen half..