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Stop complainin bout´without a sound…

I think that that album is one of all time greatest, no other record can take you out there to the farms in west and let you ride inside that big red truck drivin on the old muddy road.

1. Without a sound (Get out of this, over your shoulder, even you and so on)
2. where you been.
3. hand it over & you’re livin’ all over me.
4. bug & green mind (bug has got a pretty cool sound if you’re into it at the moment)
5. dinosaur
6. more light

You really should turn the lights off and listen to over your shoulder ,get out of this and the rest of the songs they are stunnin and the sound is perfect on this record..

btw…my favourite albums all time.

1. without a sound
2. where you been.
3. we’re only in it for the money (zappa)
4. in the court of the crimson king (king crimson)
5. overnite sensation (zappa)
6. phallus dei (amon duul)
7. lizard (king crimson)
8. uncle meat (zappa)
9. hand it over
10. strange acid albums with lots of freaky guitar players.