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I love that song as well, kinda chaotic but I think thats one of the things I like most about it. The guitar is right over the top….wow. The drumming is exhausting to listen to but together works just right for me. Some killer lines as well "how’d you pin that one on me haven’t even done it yet how’d you nab me….wrap my leg around the table I’ll make the trip when I’m more stable" just to point out a few. Actually Green Mind is currently in my top 3, hard to believe people pass this one up. I think I have to go buy another copy….mine is all messed up computer wouldn’t even play it tonite.

Of course More Light is top right now, I agree with someone above who said you just need to listen to the song a few times and it will hook you!!!!


ps as its American Thanksgiving soon you should check out William S Burroughs A Thanksgiving Prayer on napster…hilariously cynical but powerful and cool at the same time…what a voice!!