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On the More Light album there are two songs I don’t really like: More Light and I’m not fine. I always skip those two songs. I must say, there are some more songs I don’t listen to very often (especially on Hand it over), but I think I like over 80% of J’s/Dinosaur Jr’s songs. The first time I heard "Water" I thought: Oh my god, this is terrible. But on a sunny afternoon playing Commander Keen I thought: I will listen to the complete song, just to hear it once. After that I played it seven times in a row and it got better each time! I think that’s also the case with other, less good songs: if you listen to it the first time, it’s no so good, but not really bad either. After listening to it a couple of times it’s getting better and better. I hope that will be the case with More Light and I’m not fine.