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Yea, I’ve reallly had to work to find some songs. But it has been great. Lately, I’ve been listening to Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Mogwai, BTS and Weezer a lot more than Dino. This topic let me "rediscover" the sweet thrill of Dino! And I’ve loved it. Been almost a year since I heard through the whole Bug album. Now it totally blew my mind. Well I’ve found the song I listen to the least. This isn’t because I don’t like it. It’s because it reminds me of an ex-girlfriend of mine. Although we broke up years ago, and we’re really close now. I get kinda sad and bothered listening to it. It’s "Not The Same" from Where You Been. Can’t come up with a good explanation for why I’m feeling like this, could be ’cause she was my first "real" girlfriend. Anyway, there you go Bob. And thanks again for posting this topic.

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