hi bob ,,

yeah bob that´s mine too.

yeah i gave J our 2 albums when he was doin a gig in stockholm , we talked for a while outside after the show and i tried to talk him into drummin´with me but i guess he didn´t swallow the bait we just laughed at it and he was really cool…

bout´ the cd´s ,,,i´m not sure but i hope he likes them cause they are only made for that purpose not to get us anywhere just a fanfare for a great musician.
and i don´t think that our songs are available anymore on the net but mail me if you like a copy and i´ll send one free.

be sure to check out my new band Mustach Insanity we will soon be up on the net.
kinda zappa,crimson, dinosaur style morphed into insanity with a big mustach.