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Velvet Underground-Sister Ray
The Pixies-Alec Eiffel
The Pixies-Cecilia Ann
The Pixies-Velouria
The Clash-Jimmy Jazz
The Clash-Rudy Can’t Fail
They Might be Giants-Ana Ng
The Beatles-Elenor Rigby
The Beatles-Ballad of John and Yoko
The Beatles-Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
The Beatles-Hey Jude
The Beatles-Sergent Peppers Lonly Hearts Club Band
The Beatles-Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
The Beatles-Doctor Robert
The Beatles-Lady Madonna
The Beatles-Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
The Beatles-Julia
Steve Perry-Oh Sherry
Jellyfish-Sabrina, Paste, and Plato
Jellyfish-Calling Sarah
MXPX-Oh, Donna
MXPX-Marie, Marie
MXPX-JayJay’s Song
Camper Van Beethoven-Tina
Camper Van Beethoven-Mao reminisces about his. .
Camper Van Beethoven-Where the Heck is Bill
Camper Van Beethoven-No Kruegerrads for David
Camper Van Beethoven-(Don’t You Go) Goleta
Camper Van Beethoven-Joe Stalin’s Cadillac
Camper Van Beethoven-Tania
Camper Van Beethoven-Jack Ruby

-With Mucho Help from a coworker