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"Valentine Frankenstein" wrote:
hope you caught the peel session The Hellacopters recently had up…it was amazing, they did a really fast version of Search & Destroy with the singer from The Peepshows :aliensmile:

Yeah, it was great, I really love it when they go into full frontal attack mode! Do you havethe japanese release Geekstreak? If not it’s a must have! Some cool live takes, videoes and stuff.

Universal International (Japan)
Format: MCD
Recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholm. Produced by Chips K.
"Cold Night For Alligators" & "Get Ready" recorded at Gröndal by Thomas Hedblom. Mixed by PMA. "(I´m A) Stealer" is engineered by Tomas Skogsberg. Recorded at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, Sweden October 1997. Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg. "Like No Other Man" is recorded by Swedish National Radio P3.
Notes: "You Left The Water Running" is written by Rick Hall, Oscar Franck & Dan Penn. "Cold Night For Alligators" is a Roky Erickson cover. (I´m A) Stealer is a "solo song" by Robert Eriksson together with friends.

1. Geekstreak
2. Have Mercy On The Children
3. Cold Night For Alligators
4. Get Ready
5. You Left The Water Running
6. (I´m A) Stealer
7. Like No Other Man (Live)
Toys And Flavors (Video)
Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial (Video)
No Song Unheard (Video)