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Picked up the new Pearl Jam album, Riot Act.
Listened to it a couple times, pretty rockin’.
Just more of the same, and as Dino fans we must all agree that that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Pearl Jam found there sound on No Code, and the 3 albums since have just been continuations of the themes and ideas raised on No Code.

Apart from that, this is what’s splayed all over my Sitting Room floor this morning after a night out on the piss (I don’t actually remember playing most of these last night):

The Dwarves……Are Yound And Good Looking (LP)
The Hives – Barely Legal (LP)
The Fuckers – Block Party (Clint Werner from SEAWEED side-project) (7")
Snuff – Potatoes and Melons at wholesale prices direct to you the public (10")
Tool – Lateralus (LP)