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Hey squeapler,

Thanks so much for that link. It’s fascinating. Also, it’s funny that it started out by mentioning Marilyn Vos Savant; I hate ‘Ask Marilyn’ and she recently pissed me off enough to write a rant on my web page. I occasionally wonder whether ‘Vos Savant’ is actually her real last name, or if she’s just trying to be clever.

But about the nuclear waste. There is that old law of physics that says matter doesn’t disappear, it just changes shape. If there were a safe way to manipulate nuclear by-products for positive enterprises, I would support it. It’s just energy; there must be a way to water it down from bomb-strength to, say, ship-strength or car-strength.

Will start by re-reading the link you sent, and trying the search you suggested. I’m’a learn me some nuclear physics <img>

thanks again,

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