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Hi Rosa,
Theoretically a lot of nuclear waste Can be recycled (i.e. chemically changed into useful compounds) but in the U.S. this is not being done on a large scale. One reason is that it costs more to recycle the waste than to dump it. Another big reason is that U.S. citizens would probably object to recycled nuclear waste being used, and might vote politicians out of office who supported such a scheme. So there is no economic incentive to do it in the U.S. I think some other countries are recycling the waste, generally these are countries that have less waste, less space to bury it and where the government operates a little differently so public opinion may not matter so much as it does in the U.S. If you Google on "nuclear waste"+recycling you’ll find a bunch of pages dedicated to this issue. here is one (scroll to the bottom)


(I edited this to take out "in most products" because most of it would probably end up back in the govt devices that used it in the first place, but consumers would still worry about accidents working with it, quality control etc.)

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