Everybody`s derivitive.
The classical composer Busoni once said"There is no new."
It`s seems originality is hard to find,but I think what J was drawing from,he evolved it into his own style-Sabbath,Zeppelin,Hendrix,Ramones,Minor Threat,Wipers,Stooges,MC5,VU,Neil Young,Meat Puppets,Sonic Youth,etc.J took all that stuff and developed something new I think.Listen to the amount of Indie bands out there that use J`s melodies and guitar chords;or guitar solos,J introduced guitar solos in the punk/indie/alt world.There is so many bands that use Dinosaur reference points,like Eric`s Trip,Swervedriver,Afghan Whigs,Teenage Fanclub,Bettie Serveert,Rein Sanction,Ripe,etc.
SY`s Steve Shelley said that Thurston and Lee learned alot from J,and SY was recording before Dinosaur was.