yeah the Young Ones!!!1 There were old BBC but got a lot of MTV spin during the mid to late 80’s. Such bands as Madness, Motorhead and others I forget used to do musical spots.

you had four archetypes living together as supposedly college students in a squat:

Neil the shiftless hippie stoner
Mike the preppie? smart dressed ladies man who never had any chicks
Ric the mod or snotty Cliff Richards fan
and finally Vivian a male hardcore punker who had like a set of general’s stars looking like they were pounded into his forehead, complete with an attitude that I would have if someone did that to me.

This was lowbrow satire of youth society but riotous under the right substances.

The reviewer was right, Neil and J did look a little alike far as the tallness and long hairstyle. I would bet a lot of people picked up the crazy slacker shit from Neil and hung it on J. It would kinda fit, at the the relation thing to it.

Thanks for the review DB and Spaceboy