Bucky Ramone

dB’s translation (with some added comments by den Buck in [ ]):

Before that [before what? – dB] all of Deventer was lying at the feet of J. Mascis, the former frontman of Dinosaur Jr., a band that has played in the Burgerweeshuis somewhere in a grey past. Now it was mainly the sleak hair of J. that had become very grey. [Wow, what a great joke <img> – dB] That didn’t spoil the fun for the fans, they were enjoying all of J. Mascis’s antics, and they even gave the guy the opportunity to do an encore. Your host [who the **** are you? <img> – dB] was only thinking that he was watching Neil from the Young Ones [great series, does anyone remember them? <img> – dB] with an effects pedal, if he would have seen this man sitting and playing at the Leidseplein he surely wouldn’t have given him any money […sounds typical Dutch to me <img> – dB]. Best moment of the set: J. playing a solo while his acoustic guitar was being looped through some clever gadget.