Is the solo a solo if it’s behind instruments? (Good question if you listen to Dino)
Well if you ask me I’d say no. Basically the definition of a solo is something you do louder than the other instruments, its something outstanding. And in lots of J’s songs, the solo becomes part of the song.
I don’t know someone would do that (except if you let it die away almost instantly), but I think there is a difference in the solo’s louder, and the solo’s together with the instruments. I think J really plays different if it’s behind vocals or leadguitar. I think he doesn’t play it as high and not as, I can’t really find the words. The solo’s just more conservative than a real solo.
Also, I think your right about respecting the tune. I, as a beginning guitarist, know how hard it is to play a solo that fits with the song. It’s said to hear how many solo’s lack in that part.
Hope you got what I’m trying to say.


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