My opinion on J’s solos is that the "parody" theory posed here is a load of crap (sorry). I think it’s called influence, plain and simple (yes we can be influenced even by styles of play we do not like). J’s solo’s are great because they are raw, gutsy and full of feeling. They fit the songs, period. The parody theory assumes a level of technical prowess that I think J simply does not have. I think J hears things in his head and then "jams" or freestyles until he finds something to build on. That’s the way I do it too, only with much less talent than The Man.

Jeremiah, I have never been into 70’s rock myself, but I really like (some) Pink Floyd and I have a challenge for you: Take an hour and listen to the Animals album, with headphones, some night by yourself with no distractions, and I bet if you go into it with an open mind you’ll be blown away. I’m not talking poppy dark side of the moon crap here…check it out.

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