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Has it really been 10 years since that gig? My ,how time flies.

I cant recall whether I ever heard mbv on disc, I do recall even at this distance how many column inches they got in that bastion of pseudery the NME. A lot of people claimed to like them back then. Mind you, some people like Radiohead now, yet all I hear is the sweepings off the floor from the Dark Side of the Moon sessions, outright plagiarism and lyrics that would make even a 1st year english student blush!

I suppose Ive done it now, I’ll go hide



don’t get me wrong, i’m not jumping on your case or anything. you’ve got a point, rock journalism tends to hype things way too much only to abandon the band a few years later. and the new radiohead, well, join the club. i’ve heard a few songs and i don’t really like or dislike it, but i’m sick of the hype.