My favourite dino song is start chopppin and it is probaly his only hit single. One hit wonder I think. He should learn from CREED on how to MAke fucking good hits and rock hard in the same time. He cant sing as good as scott stap becuase CREED ROCKS -WHATS THIS LIFE FOOOOOOOOR!!!!!!! – that my dino friend is what you call a good fucking song with meaty singing. maybe J could learn somthing. He sure can not play good fucking metal riffs like Creed can. DO your self a favour and Buy a creed album coz i recommend it. Ive been into music for sometime now so I know what good fucking music soundz like. If you guys cant get into creed maybe you should harden up "I FEEL ANGRY, I FEEL ALONE , GOTTA CHANGE THE WORD YEAH!!- scott stapp (AKA rock genius who changed rock ‘n’ roll) DIG IT MAte! or you cant dig!