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Hi Malc (not Malc)

He used to have gladioli hanging out of his butt, but I don’t think that he needed them. He picked up on the power of mass marketing very quick to be fair – wisdom learnt from years of plaguing NME with letters and reading responses. Genius. As per the NHS glasses, band-aid, quiff etc – he knew that disillusioned angst-ridden teenagers would copy, and that would be better than any ad-campaign for selling records. Same goes with the hearing aid. Everything that the band did was great, and they were recently voted the most influential band ever in NME (New Musical Express). Shame that Marr and Morrissey went so rubbish with Electronica and solo projects.

C’est la vie. (some girls are fatter than others, some girls mothers are fatter than other girls mothers – ha ha)