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Glad to fill you in on the Dresch connection;too bad she did`nt stay with J,I love to hear female backing vocals with J,like on Without A Sound when Come`s Thalia Zedek sang back up on 3 tunes.
I guess I should add some more info on SK`s side projects;The Spells that Carrie plays in includes former Helium leader Mary Timony.Quasi,the band that Janet is in is with her husband Sam Coomes;who guests on keyboards sometimes with Built To Spill.Corin`s other band includes Sarah Dougher who also does solo albums.

The mp3 and video help I would like to help you with but I`m not a computer expert.I only know my way around my computer,if you have a different kind which you problably do,I`m not the one to ask.There are people here on this site that can help,ask a question in the tech help section here and someone here should respond and help you out.I try to help out with what I can but I`m still an amateur at computers.
I can help you out on music questions though,in punk/indie,jazz and blues are my strong points;classical,folk,country I know some info but I`m not as well schooled in it.
Just post your questions in open topic and I`ll respond when I can.