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Jaron-did you buy those albums recently because I mentioned them just last week and you said nothing about them;I guess though we don`t always talk about all the bands we listen to here,but I guess it`s surprising when someone mentions something you did`nt know they liked;I like tons of bands so I don`t always mention them unless someone here talks about them.
Women can so play rock and roll,Sleater proves that as well as many other bands,such as the Raincoats.

I first got into SK around April 1997,I had a cold and was up late listening to the radio and the show I was listening to was doing a profile on them,they played their previous bands;Heavens To Betsy and Excuse 17;I heard H2B before,one song I heard a few years earlier was good;anyway I loved the profile and went out and try to find one of their albums,there was none around until a months later when Dig Me Out popped up,bought it and with listening to the songs realized it was the best album of the year.
Bought the other albums the next year when they came available.
I agree with Halfman that SK has the emotional aspect that J has in his music,always a good quality in music;I think of SK of being like a female Husker Du,Corin is kind of like Bob Mould;singing with all the passion and guts,communicating to the nth degree of what she is feeling.
It seems when J can`t say what he`s feeling with his voice he lets his guitar do the talking.