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The SCOOP on the new Sleater-Kinney album!
One Beat will be in stores August 20th, 2002, earlier through KRS
mailorder. There will be a limited edition CD package, which is the
One Beat CD + an attached two song single of songs not on the album.
This is limited to 25,000. The VINYL edition comes with a 7" single
of the two non-album songs and a big awesome poster. This is limited
to 5,000 copies.

We’ve come across fan-remixed version of The Swimmer from AHOTBO. It
was created by Gerry from Check This Out (http://ctomag.com/”>http://ctomag.com/), who
calls it :
"The Swimmer – The Grooveblaster Underwater Remix" (mp3 + real audio)
thanks gerry!
Sorry, no word on when to begin ordering yet. I will post it… after I order mine, of course <img>