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I agree on the Replacements-Tim,great album.
GBV`s Vampire/Propeller is harder to get into then b100 or Alien Lanes but worth hearing too.
Built To Spill`s live album is a good intro to their music,I agree that Perfect and Keep It are great too,but I think that live album shows how great they are,can`t say much good about their new album,some good tunes though.
Wilco is good if you like alt country stuff,some of their stuff is`nt so country plus they toured before with REM,since you said in your profile you like them Wilco you may like.
Beck and Weezer are well known so I`m sure you know their music.

one more note about Fugazi,there`s a video concert by them at epitonic.com it runs almost an hour,recorded last year at an outdoor concert in San Fransisco.click on the live shows or video section on the left.