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I hope Allison does`nt keel over when she sees what you said about Candy Apple Grey;bad album?no way!give it another listen!
I chose New Day Rising because it`s one of the greatest albums there is.Candy Apple Grey is pretty great as well,I even used a lyric from "Crystal" in a high school exam-"Civilization falls in it`s grave technology throws over the dirt"

Sometimes I say that I don`t like an album that somebody else likes,it`s just taste I guess like for example den buck`s fav album this year I did`nt care much for.

Give Candy Apple Grey another try though,if you still don`t like it it`s ok,if it`s not in your taste that`s fine,we tried to turn Not2amused(Spaceboy) on to Husker`s solo bands and he did`nt like them.