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Impracticality,as we have seen, goes beyond dollars and cents. I do believe the redirection can be achieved. The tank armor was designed to impede sabot rounds from enemy tanks. These rounds travel at the velocity of aprox 1 mile per second. Usually, if a round penetrates the cupola or troop center of the tanks, the effects are fire damage, incrediible suction, and of course a hunk of steel bouncing around like s superball. Not very pretty. I would think they could make larger pieces of this armor to accomdate a large object.

As you said, Mattman, the fallout would be hard to control. Perhaps the armor, upon impact, could immediately deliver a high-concentration of water and or Tyoe "C" extinguishing fluid until, let’s say electric heat sensors, detect a drop in temperature and shut off. Of course, the operative idea is to keep in mind a minimization of casualties.

As far as the memorials, there is no shortage of places to have one. You cannot put a construct that serves the purposes this one did in just anyplace. I could list some considerations but I would never leave this thread. I like the mini-memorials idea.