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Hey Rubrick,

Cool ideas, agree with the huge skyscraper no longer being the way to go…definitely. Sounds like there will be more than a few buildings that will need to be rebuilt around that area in NY.

My rational behind a stand alone memorial park/garden versus one inside the towers/buildings is really just a personal thing. If someone close to me died and I didn’t have anything left to identify him ie a grave/body I would need something that represented him to touch/visit versus just the memory. A memorial garden/wall would give me a place to go ie the last place my loved one was. I really believe people get a lot of comfort from that sort of thing, hope they can sacrifice a small piece of land around the site to honor and memorialize all that died that day…and I don’t just mean the people. It would also symbolize for me the pulling together and strength shown by everyone thru this event, which continues to amaze me.