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There’s this sick joke going around.

You see they are planning to rebuild the towers, only this time there will be FOUR!

There would be three shorter towers and one REALLY TALL tower. They would be arranged so that they would "FLIP THE BIRD" at those who destroyed the origional towers!

But seriosly I think that days of the super tall sky scrapers are over. It is inconvienient to supply them. With modern communications the nessecity of being in the city is just not so great as to make the cost of building and maintaing a super sky scraper so important.

But I think the idea of another park in NYC will just attract the homeless. They sould just build a nice building there. Maybe have it on stilts like the Seagram building (if I remember correctly the Seagram building was one of the first "Glass Box" type sky scrapers.) Then there could be a memorial underneath it.

Maybe they could have a archetecture contest for the basic design ideas.

The 9-11 event has really got me thinking about something. True Islam condems suicide. All this dying for Allah stuff is BS! And yet there is is. But I think this come out of the Assasin cult or something equally strange. These guys ought to be treated as the true infidels by the Islamic world. Prehaps true Moslems could make a contribution to a WTC memorial that expresses this.