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Hey Rosa,

Yeah he was wearing those shoes, some stewardess smelled sulphur and saw him trying to lite his shoes…THE HORROR. Not sure what happened next, no doubt tackled by some people, think I heard some doc sedated him…or did that happen at work last nite…god I’m on crack <img>

Anyways found the pic I was looking for, J is much more handsome and a lot less sinister looking <img> But I forgot the link <img> so will go find it and edit it in, he’s not wearing his head in a full deal like reids…very cool pic.


not wearing his head like reids…what the hell does that mean…YIKES. Anyways, still can’t find that pic…oh my small brain…but found a cool pic that sorta looks like the one I was looking for..


Will look for the other pic after some sleep

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