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K7 Rides Again

hey, get a haircut hippie! yeah that’s right…I saw your pic in the other section, you damn longhair!!!
(ha ha ha).
I’ve tried to avoid drinking as of late…alcohol and kurticus are a devastating combo…but the two of us still have run-ins with eachother…
1)Two crawls ago…end of the night…absolutely wasted…a chic bets me $ and says I don’t have the guts to do it…so what did I do for $5? Expose myself…
2)One crawl ago-get to the same bar (there’s just something about this place cuz’ that’s where I ended up last night too). I’m not nearly as wasted, but still pretty drunk. This girl I know buys me a shot and let’s just say it didn’t mix. So I go running for the door but don’t quite make it. Yuke all over and this other chic I know is standing there taking pics the whole time While I have yuke flying out my mouth and nose.
3)lat night-rather tame, hungover, but no offensive parts (thank God)

So if my topic is so offensive, how come you replied? [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]