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buckingham rabbit

hey rosa,

this is definitely a paradox. deaf people obviously have conscious thought since they are indeed humans, but unless they lost their hearing after a certain point of having it, i don’t see how they can even know what sound is to us. if its true that the other senses are heightened if one is inactive or disabled, i would assume deaf people think in an entirely visual manner. written words are just symbols for things. the word ‘computer’ is just a combination of letters that we use to represent the thing we call a computer. so basically, language is completely a social construction.

babies don’t know language until i dont know what point, but they still think. i guess its not complex thought, but there is something telling them that they are hungry, tired, happy, or sad. maybe once we have learned what language sounds like, it is too hard for us to comprehend any other form of thought as being that significant. babies scream and cry or laugh or whatever to convey what they want, but its not language obviously. if its instinctual for babies to make noises like that i dont see why it wouldnt be instinctual for deaf people to make noises either, even if they don’t know what they sound like.

since communication of this sort is a defining feature of human beings, deaf people have a language too–even a variation on english or whatever–but they construct it to meet their condition. so if they learn to read english words and connect our meanings to them, the only thing that is differnet is their pronunciation of them. they probably create their own sounds for different letters and words, and while it may be nothing like what we use, in effect it is the same thing. though this is assuming that it is a natural tendency for humans to try and communicate verbally, even if they don’t know what it sounds like. i saw on tv once a family of deaf people, and i think they were born deaf, and when they signed to each other, they made noises anyway. it could be that those noises are their pronunciations of the words they are trying to sign. surely deaf people understand the concept of sound, even if they can’t hear it. there was that scene in ‘mr hollands opus’ where the son, who is deaf, explains to his father that he can feel the vibrations of music on the speakers.

well, it beats the hell out of me.