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When I was a senior I was editor of the school newspaper. The core staff was made up entirely of social misfits, and I met some of my best, smartest friends that year.

As much fun as we had working on it, I caused a lot of heat writing articles that criticized our school system. One of the people who hated me was the newspaper advisor, Mrs. Murdock. She’d only appointed me editor because no one else was interested, and she never really liked me to begin with. She was one of these teachers who tried too hard to socialize with the students, and was forever gossiping with/about them. Oh yeah, she was also manic-depressive and alcoholic. The newspaper was her pathetic little thing that she controlled, and she would get upset and cry when we strayed too much from the sports-articles-and-homecoming-reports format.

Anyway, sometimes my friends & I would stay at school late working on the paper; we even started ordering pizzas and having them sent up to the school. Mrs. Murdock had this locked cabinet where she kept her prized possession of prom glasses, you know, the goblets that you get as a souvenir at the prom? And no one was allowed to touch them. But we jimmied the lock and would drink soda out of them with our pizzas, then carefully clean them and put them back.

It was our silent fuck-you to this miserable woman who once told us "the newspaper is not an outlet for your creativity".