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I went to Catholic school, it was a painful experience in a number of ways. The nuns were big meanies, they actually hit my sisters hand to try and stop her from writing with her left. They were so rigid, I got sent to the principle for a lecture because I drew a pic of eve smiling as she was leaving the garden of eden…hey I like apples ; )

Anyways I was close to finishing grade eight, it had snowed a lot and there was a huge pile of soft powdery snow under the 2nd floor window. Few of us got brave and jumped out into the snow from the 2nd floor classroom window. We were having a great time until this really big meanie nun came in when I was leaning out ready to jump. She grabbed me, screeching away…. I figured I was going to get pulled back in, I swear she pushed me out the window rather than pulling me back…not very catholic of her ; )

Liked the story as well Malcom