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Good story Rosa;I can understand in your profile why you said "heckling the rich".There was`nt too many rich kids at my school but preppy kids,yep!alot of redneck kids too.
Thought up some more stories:there was this one guy in grade 7 who I had to sit with because the teacher had a seating plan,the guy was an insane genius type,child like but really smart,crosseyed and very nerdy,the type that gets picked on alot and the type that would take a gun and shoot everybody.He used to talk like a robot and make funny sounds like a 4 year old but when it came to schoolwork he had 90`s on everything.he used to take temper tantrums and fight with the teachers and then cry his eyes out;I felt sorry for him that he`d always be a target but he was so unpredictable.
Eventually he was moved to another seat and I got to sit next to a girl instead,that was cool,talked to her alot and got the guts to ask her to a dance,she accepted because the guy she liked would`nt go out with her;eventually her friends kept talking to this guy he agreed to go to the dance with her leaving me out of luck,but I knew she was crazy about this guy so I let her go with him.