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Hey Ash,

Like everyone said welcome aboard <img> Definitely agree about J’s music being a sanity saver, think many here feel the same way.

Sounds like your doing a great job with your son, big congrats on that. I work with adolescents/children many of whom have learning disorders and other issues so I know how hard that can be, but at least I get to go home and leave it behind. Hope your taking time for yourself as well, keeping things balanced is always a good plan…god I sound like a libra <img> Not sure how your screen reading program works but wanted to leave a link to a really good site about learning disorders,… Misunderstood Minds . You can either click on the link or type in http://www.pbs.org/wbgh/misunderstoodminds/intro.html

Glad you’re feeling comfortable here, looking forward to hearing from you about all things J and everything in between.

Take Care,