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Hey Dimpfelmoser:
Cool that your sister knows Zorn,strange how we meet up with artists and get a chance to work with them.
Several years ago a woman at the local college radio station moved to Chicago,she came back for a visit and talked with someone else on their radio show,the guy asked her who she`s dating and she just laughed and did`nt want to say who,then she said"Steve Albinni".
I think she dated him for a few months at least,this woman also filmed one of Sebadoh`s videos.
I heard a story on this radio station about Albinni and a chicken dinner he had,if you want to hear about I`ll mention it.
ELJ-My cousin has a band,don`t know if there`s any mp3`s of them,you might like them if you liked that railer.I`ll go check and mention it if they do.